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Hey! I’m trying out a new blog! Be Patient with me!

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O Beautiful Day!

Another day The Lord hath made. Troubles come and problems go, but we all must wake up everymorning and breath. We are alive. Another day to carry on God’s work. The truth that is in us, that we must tell The Truth. The Lord Jesus Christ is King.

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A common greeting…HELLO!

Welcome to my blog, today! The Lord is Great and Mighty! He sends the great winds to fill us with His grace of yet another changing season. What a reprieve¬†from the sweltering days of summer! As God moves through our lives, He can make changes for us as He does with seasons. Our summers seem endless and pressurized. The autumn ushers in cool relief and a break for us to come out and take notice of His mighty wonders. The same happens with our lives of heavy burden and restlessness. Through His Word, we are given moments to open our eyes to the wonders of His grace through His Son, Jesus. A moment’s pause in the chaos of this world; to reflect and see His hand in our lives and those around us.
May the Lord continue to make His face to shine upon you and give you peace this day.

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